Why did the township decide to replace the old wooden dream park at the Amos Herr Park?
The old playground was built from pressure treated lumber more than 20 years ago. Although the playground was still safe, the pressure treated lumber was approaching its life expectancy, and some equipment had been removed over the years to maintain safety standards. Another concern was that the old playground was not accessible to children with disabilities.

Who is designing and building the new playground?
Play by Design (PBD) from Ithaca, New York will design the new playground based on the input of elementary school students from the community. These ideas were captured at Design Day, which was held on June 5, 2014. Volunteers and/or a Play by Design representative visited all elementary schools in the Hempfield School District on Design Day to collect these ideas. The preliminary schematic incorporated many of the ideas submitted by the children.

When will construction start and be completed?

A multi-phase construction process is planned. A preliminary phase, completed in September 2015, included the construction of a covered bridge structure that eventually will serve as the playground entry.

Phase one, which will  involve building the base structure, putting in posts and decking, etc. will take place Sept. 9-11.

Phase two will involve the construction of the actual playground and the assembly of its components. This second phase is officially scheduled to occur Sept. 26 - Oct. 2, 2016.

 PUBLIC BUILD DATES will be Sept. 27-Oct. 2, with Sept. 26 designated for team leaders only.

Who will build the new playground?
Hundreds of volunteers are needed. The playground is a community-build project, which means it will be constructed by teams of community volunteers during a barn-raising type event. PBD has been involved in the design of several other local community-build playgrounds and will supervise the construction, but hundreds of community volunteers will be needed to successfully complete this project. Sign up to help build the playground HERE

What kinds of things will be included in the new playground?
The playground is a one-of-a-kind, custom design based upon many of the ideas contributed by children in the community on "Design Day" - the official kick-off for the project. You can see a list of many of the playground components here. There also will be a multi-purpose asphalt trail surrounding the new playground! There also will be several adaptive elements.

Where will the new playground be built and how big will it be?
The old playground was dissembled in January 2015, and the new playground will be built on the same site in approximately the same area. A trail also will be constructed as part of the project. 

From what type of material will the new structure be constructed?
The new playground will be constructed of mostly composite materials for greater durability and safety. It will also have some poured rubberized surface areas.

Will the new playground have fence pickets with names inscribed on them similar to the pickets at the existing park?
Absolutely! This is being done as a fundraiser. Until Aug. 1, each picket will cost $50 and be completed in time for the phase 2 build dates. After Aug. , the cost of teh pickets will increase to $60 and the pickets will be inmstalled some time after the build is completed. 
CLICK HERE for a picket order form or HERE to order online. For more information contact: Dreamparkpickets@gmail.com

How much will the new playground cost?
The fundraising goal for the new playground currently stands at $550,000.

Who is paying for the new playground?
The Township has approximately $150,000 in start-up money set aside for this purpose. These funds have come from parks and recreation fees charged to developers over many years. The balance of the project will be funded through various fundraising activities, community and corporate donations and sponsorships, and grants.

Will the new playground be accessible to children with disabilities?
Some surface areas of the new playground will be a poured rubberized material that will make them accessible. Some areas of the playground also will include play equipment and structures that will be accessible.

What will be done with the inscribed “name” pickets from the old playground?
Pickets can be reclaimed by contacting: Dreamparkpickets@gmail.com

What can I do to help; how can I get involved? 

For General information and inquries about the project, contact Bill Keays at 717-278-6610 or email dreamparkinfo@gmail.com.