Leaf Collection

Leaf Route by Zones - Locate your Street to determine your zone

Leaf collection is coordinated by the Public Works Department each fall from mid-October through mid-December.

There is no designated schedule, although crews will follow a general route. After the first collection cycle is completed, crews will start over and complete the route again.

Residents can expect two to four collections in their neighborhood per season.

How frequently and how quickly collections are completed depends upon the volume of leaves, weather conditions, and equipment limitations.

Residents are asked to cooperate in the following manner:

  • Rake leaves as close to the curbside as possible.
  • Mulched leaves should be placed in small (bushel basket size) piles in a row.
  • On windy days, leaves may be covered.
  • Do not place leaves in trash bags or trash cans.
  • Do not place grass clippings or other non-leaf debris with leaves.
  • Burning of leaves is strictly prohibited.
A leaf drop off area is also available during leaf collection season. Residents can drop off bagged leaves at the Public Works Garage located behind the Township Municipal Building at 1700 Nissley Road, Landisville. There will be a designated area for drop off available seven days a week during daylight hours.

Please watch Township newsletters each fall for specific dates for leaf collection.

Please contact the Township office at (717) 898-3100 with any questions or concerns.