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Plans Currently Under Review

Subdivision and Land Development Plans are reviewed by the Township in accordance with East Hempfield Township ordinances as well as the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) and any other applicable regulations for which we have authority.  Plans are first reviewed by the Township Staff and Township Engineer, then by the East Hempfield Township Planning Commission, and finally by the East Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors.  Plans are also submitted to the Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC) for review and recommendations prior to Township action.

Once plans are approved, all conditions of plan approval must be met.  Then plans are recorded at the Lancaster County Recorder of Deeds office along with any related documents - i.e. easements, stormwater operation and Maintenance agreements, etc.   For most plans, financial security is provided to the Township to ensure public improvements are constructed in accordance with Township requirements.

The best way to keep up with development within the Township is to follow the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings.  To view plans for projects currently under development contact Nate Sturgis, Planning Director at e-mail or by phone at (717)  898-3100