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What residents can do...

The goals of the Township's MS4 program are to reduce the discharge of pollutants into our waterways. The water that runs off your property and from the streets goes either into the ground and becomes groundwater or flows through a series of facilities such as swales and pipes to the waterways. If this water isn't cleaned, all the pollutants the water carries end up in the stream and ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay. You can help to keep our water clean by doing the following:

In addition, please monitor the stormwater facilities that you see or live near. If you see something that looks wrong or that is causing these facilities to be polluted or blocked, please fill out the ILLICIT DISCHARGE REPORT FORM and sent it to the Township or call the Township office at (717) 898.3100.

Examples of illicit discharges include:

Sediment leaving a construction site during a storm or being carried out onto the public road
Look for dirty/brown stormwater runoff

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Spills (Chemical, Gas, Oil)
Look for a sheen, unusual smells, or colors

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Illegal dumping activity into streams or stormwater facilities anything flowing into streams that shouldn't be

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Dry weather flows from outfalls into streams (at least 72 hours after a storm)

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