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In September 2015, the East Hempfield Township Police Department began using CrimeWatch.

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What is the CRIMEWATCH Network and how does it affect me?
The CRIMEWATCH Network is a platform that creates transparency in local law enforcement and gives you instant access to information that impacts the safety of you and your family.
So how does it work?
It's simple. Once your local police department joins the CRIMEWATCH Network, you can sign up to receive free alerts about crime where you live. This means that if someone in your neighborhood gets arrested for a serious crime, you receive an alert right on your smartphone, and the alerts are not just text, they include the picture of the offender and the detail around the arrest.
Why is this important?
There are times when an individual has been accused of committing a crime, but still walks free in your neighborhood. When this happens, we feel that the public should be alerted that this person has been accused of committing this crime.
Give me an example?
Suppose your neighbor is arrested for molesting a child. He's arraigned before a judge and released on bail. He comes home and is back in your neighborhood. Chances are the local newspaper or news channel didn't cover the story.  Don't you think it is your right to know that this person has been accused of a crime that could impact the safety of you and your family?
We do and that is why we built the CRIMEWATCH Network
It's simple for your local police department to join the Network all they need to know is that this is something that you want in your neighborhood!