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Snow Removal

Mailboxes and Snow 

Heavy snow as it is plowed will occasionally damage or topple mailboxes. Often it is because they are too close to the roadway, and poorly constructed or supported. Heavy, wet snow exiting the plow increases the potential for mailbox damage. The repair of mailboxes and lawns is the property owner’s responsibility since the right-of-way extends further onto your property than you realize. The Public Works Department makes every effort not to damage property, but it does happen.

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  • Consideration is first given to Township roads with high traffic volumes, collector routes, school bus routes, or hills, curves and intersections.
  • Cindering begins at a dusting of snow and continues to about 3" accumulation.
  • Temperatures determine if roads will be treated with straight salt, calcium chloride, or a salt/anti-skid mixture.
  • Plowing begins at about a 3" accumulation and continues while a storm persists.
  • During major winter storms the Township will initiate snow removal assistance from standby contractors.

Safety First

  • Do not push snow onto the roadway. This creates a hazardous situation and the homeowner can be held responsible for accidents which result after snow is shoveled from their driveway.
  • Eliminate snow piles at your driveway entrance whenever possible. High accumulation of snow will obstruct your vision when exiting your driveway and prevents oncoming motorists from seeing you.
  • When driving, clear all windows and lights, increase the distance between you and the car ahead of you, and decrease speed. Remember, speed limits and stopping distances are set assuming dry roadways!
  • If you have an emergency, always call 911, not the Township office.