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Bulk Goods & Yard Waste

Yard Waste

Early April thru late October (check Township calendar for specific dates), East Hempfield Township will implement the yard waste-recycling program. Leaves, grass clippings, garden residue as well as woody yard waste (WYW) will be collected curb side on the same day as your scheduled trash/recycling pick-up day.  WYW includes branches and pruning from trees and shrubberies (less than 6" in diameter). WYW must be bundled with twine in bundles that do not exceed four (4) feet in length and weigh less than 30 lbs.  There is no limit to the number of bundles or yard waste bags.

Any accumulated WYW or yard waste can be disposed of through your regular trash collection and will count as part of your bag/can limit of 3 when the program is inactive over the winter months.

Yard Waste Bags

Soft yard waste (grass, leaves, garden residue, small pieces of branches, or limbs) must be disposed of in RECYCLABLE bags.  These  bags are available at the Township office for $1.00 each or you may purchase RECYCLABLE bags from your local store.  Unlimited amount of bags per week may be placed at curbside. (Bags are not to exceed 30 lbs.) 

The hauler will not take bags or cans that have yard waste mixed in with trash.   There is a separate recycling truck for yard waste bags and woody yard waste and it may come before or after the regular trash truck.  No sod is permitted.

Woody Yard Waste

Bush clippings, tree clippings, and tree limbs (less than 6" in diameter) must be bundled and tied into manageable units. Please use a biodegradable twine - almost all twine is biodegradable and can be purchased most anywhere.  Manageable units are less than four (4) feet in length and no more than thirty (30 lbs.) in weight. Untied bush clippings, tree clippings, and limbs dropped at the curbside will not be collected.

Bundles will not be picked up if loose or plastic twine, tape, wire, or other materials are used to tie branches.

Bulk Goods/White Goods (Appliances)

These tagged items will be picked up twice a year during special collection days in April and November. Tagged items should be left curbside on your regular trash day during the designated week.

You will be notified about the collection week on your trash bill, in the Township Newsletter or on our website. Bulk Goods (large appliances or anything containing Freon) require a $10 green tag.

Tires require a $2 purple tag.  Rims need to be removed from the tires.  The hauler will not take commercial vehicle tires.

Examples of Bulk Goods: